What is Helpified?

Helpified is a place to store and organize all the useful things you find on the web. We wanted to make it easy to grab any type of media on the web – full pages, books, images, videos, PDF’s, documents, you name it – and organize them into simple, visual lists that are easy to go back and retrieve or share with others. We call these paths. Now, any user has the power to create any number of paths to catalogue all of the things that helped them complete a task. We also made it easy to find paths created by other users. This way, you can instantly find all of the things that helped other people just like you.

Why does Helpified Matter?

Finding useful information and tools on the web is a pain. We started looking at the things you need to start and run a business: validating ideas, getting customers, marketing on the web, and a countless other tasks. To find tools and best practices to complete these things, most people scour search engines where they’re inundated by tens of thousands of options, most of which are useless information, or people trying to sell you things. This can be a nightmare and path to failure. And when you finally find something, how do you organize it?

We solve both problems. Helpified is an easy place to save and organize any amount of online resources without dealing with the clutter of other bookmarking sites, and the worry of losing the things you’ve already found. And, if you need help, there are thousands of other people doing the same research. So, you can instantly see the paths they’ve created.

We want to lower the barrier to entry to starting businesses and completing any endeavor by creating a place to build off the experiences of our peers and counterparts. Simply by organizing the resources that help you, you’re creating valuable content that others can use. By working together, we’ll come up with better solutions to our problems. With Helpified, you can quit wasting time researching, and get back to the things that are importantly, like, you know, getting work done.

Who are we?

We’re a small and scrappy company motivated to help make the web a better place.

Shane founder

Shane Hvizdzak

Founder, CEO
Mike developer

Mike Cheverda