How it Works

Guide people through the resources that they need to learn or complete anything

Helpified is a tool that allows you to gather these resources, organize them in an order that makes sense, and share them to help yourself and others learn things.

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Start by creating a Path

A path is a place for you to organize your curated resources. Think of it as a playlist or interactive guide. Create paths to remember how you learned or completed something, to collect information around a topic, or to teach people a cool new skill. Create as many as you’d like, and share with anyone or only you.

Working with Paths

Add any online media

As you’re searching around the web, you’re probably learning from different media types: full pages of text, images, videos, tools, tweets, quotes, PDF’s and everything in between. Add these resources to paths in the order you used or found them. You can even upload documents from your computer if that helps.

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Organize and Enhance

Now that you’ve got a path full of resources, drag and drop them in any order you see fit. Add helpful descriptions and depth to each resource so that you can highlight the most important part of each resource and lead your readers in the exact direction they need to go to learn easiest.

Share and grow your audience

The best way to build an audience online is to help people. Share the paths you’ve created on your blog, any social media channel or by email to start guiding people to the things they need to learn. Promote yourself and your knowledge simply by organizing your research.

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Start organizing, sharing and discovering the best resources on the web

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