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Use Paypal for online invoicing


If you use Paypal for payments (you can do this for free), and you're looking to get paid faster, their invoicing feature is a great option.It's a service offered by Paypal where you can simply create an invoice right within their site, and send it off to a client, or whoever is paying you. Then, they can choose whether they want to pay you with Paypal or a credit card. Both options are available even to free users.This is a great options if you're doing contract work for clients that aren't local. Obviously, sending a check in the mail can get expensive, time consuming, and problematic depending on how far away it's being sent.Remember, of course, you're paying a transaction fee. You really can't get around this when it comes to accepting credit card payments.If you're accepting $3,000 or less per month, it will be a 2.9% transaction free plus $0.30 per transaction. Accepting more than that will be a lower transaction fee.

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