035 RR - Estimation December

Ruby Rogues Picks - Episode 35: Dec 29th, 2011

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    Class Construction in C and C++: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals: Roger Sessions: 9780136301042: Amazon.com: Books

    A thorough exploration of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and C++, this reference shows novice and experienced programmers how to develop classes in C++ and use them as building blocks for complex applications.

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    A Discipline for Software Engineering

    This new work from Watts Humphrey lays the foundation for a disciplined approach to software engineering. In his previous book, Humphrey developed methods for managing an organization's software process. These methods, now commonly practiced in industry, provide to programmers and managers specific steps they can take to evaluate and to improve their software development and software maintenance capabilities.

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    Primal Palette

    Gather around the campfire with us each day for recipes, meals, photos, videos and news about the primal lifestyle. "Solid Primal blog, it's in my RSS feed." - Mark Sisson, author of the Primal...

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    Make it Paleo

    Hayley Mason, a high definition makeup artist trained in Hollywood, never thought she would be applying her styling talents to grass fed beef and grain free desserts rather than the eyes and cheek bones of movie stars. In just over a year, Hayley has become one of the most acclaimed culinary forces driving the grain free cooking movement.

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    George Takei

    George Takei. 5,142,894 likes ยท 2,591,314 talking about this. I am George Takei, and this is my official Facebook page! Oh Myyyy

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    Rolls MM11 Microphone Muting Switch Designed to Temporarily Mute a Balanced XLR Signal

    The MM11 MicMute is a simple device designed to temporarily mute a balanced XLR signal. The MM11 will pass phantom power, with no popping on the outputs when switched. Simply press the switch for muting, and release to hear the signal again.

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    Kindle Touch

    If you're purchasing a device primarily for reading, an important consideration is the screen technology. Unlike devices with LCD screens, Kindle e-readers use the latest generation of Electronic Ink ("E Ink") technology - E Ink Pearl - designed specifically to deliver clearer, sharper text that makes reading for extended periods of time more comfortable.

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    I don't always listen to podcasts but when i do, ...

    I don't always listen to podcasts but when i do, I listen to the Ruby Rogues - The Most Interesting Man In The World

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    Snuff: A Novel of Discworld

    Author One-to-One: Neil Gaiman Interviews Terry Pratchett Neil Gaiman's best-selling novels include Neverwhere, American Gods, Coraline, Anansi Boys, and Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett). He is the creator of the Sandman series of graphic novels and author of the short-fiction collections Smoke and Mirrors and Fragile Things.

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    George Takei (GeorgeTakei) on Twitter

    The latest from George Takei (@GeorgeTakei). Just call me Uncle George

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    Destroy All Software Screencasts

    Destroy All Software screencasts are short: 10 to 15 minutes, but dense with information. There are 90 screencasts covering advanced topics like these:

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