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Ruby Rogues Picks - Episode 54 : May 11th, 2012

  1. 'Hello, world': Programming languages quiz

    Name that language: 20 'Hello, world' programs to test your polyglot programming mettle

  2. The Pragmatic Studio | Ruby Training - Learn Ruby Online

    The Pragmatic Studio: Top developer training from the folks who wrote the books

  3. mamememo

    This quine turns 45 degrees when executed; thus, it will come around when executed eight times (see below). You can make it any-degree tu...

  4. TextExpander

    Type more with less effort! TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used t...

  5. Owning Rails - Online Masterclass

    Master Rails in 8 hours without learning all the APIs Have you ever wondered how some programmers seem to know everything about Rails, bu...

  6. inject

    When running inject on a Hash, the hash is first converted to an array before being passed through. The typical Enumerable#inject approac...

  7. Donkeypunching Ruby Koans

    Do you want instant enlightenment? Sure, we all do. And now you can have it! Tonight I presented Ruby Koans at URUG. It started out simpl...

  8. Wide Teams

    The blog for geographically dispersed organizations

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