10 Significant Benefits of Using Magento 2 PWA

Magento 2 PWA can replace native apps with optimal features that enhance the user's experience. Here are ten outstanding advantages to PWA for Magento.

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    Magento 2 PWA - The Future Is Progressive Web App

    Along with the development of other e-commerce trends, Magento released Magento PWA Studio which is a suite of tools for facilitating the transition from a Magento 2 website to a Progressive Web App. Many e-commerce users have already felt the positive effect after implementing Magento 2 PWA. What will happen if you decide to choose Magento 2 PWA? Does your online store become much faster? In this article, you will discover the substantial benefits of Magento 2 PWA and how it can help you to stand out in the e-commerce competition.

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    What is Magento 2 PWA?

    Magento 2 PWA based on Magento PWA Studio which is a set of tools used for developing and maintaining a PWA storefront on top of Magento. With a combination of Magento 2 and PWA, it is possible to create ultra-fast web pages that provide improved user experience, better visitor engagement, and increased conversion rates.

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    Why should you choose Magento 2 PWA?

    There are huge benefits for merchants when developing Magento 2 PWA. Here are ten major reasons why PWAs will be the future of applications.

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    1. Affordable Price

    One of the most common problems with native apps development is that it's very expensive to build. As you might know, it's compulsory to develop two separate apps, one for Android and another for iOS. As a result, the cost you have to pay will be doubled, from at least $20,000 for two apps development. Otherwise, PWA uses a single codebase, so it takes less time and effort to develop a PWA and results in cost efficiency. Moreover, you can save a lot of time from the maintenance of the app for multiple platforms.

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    2. Low Data Usage

    Native apps often occupy a fixed capacity so it is likely to make your phone insufficient space. PWA solves the data usage issue as it uses only a fraction of data.

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    3. Automatic Update & Fixing

    With no app to be updated every time you make changes to your services, Magento 2 PWA can keep all your users up to date. It enables them to immediately update the latest functionality, features, and security updates without the need to re-download the app. Moreover, you can reduce the time of fixing with PWA because you don’t need to update two separate codebases for iOS and Android.

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    4. Security Safe

    PWA brings new standards for web design because of encouraging web developers to move any websites that deal with customer information to HTTPS. Clearly, standards as HTTP were not secure enough to protect consumer information. It’s easier to launch a PWA in a secure environment because more websites are being programmed in HTTPS. When customers enter credit card information or personal information into your PWA via a secure connection, they will have peace of mind.

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    5. Reducing Interruption

    For the first time, all contents are pre-loaded and are delivered afterward using Javascript when you visit the PWA. This is the reason why it can work offline. After loading, it doesn’t need to request anything more from the server to deliver the contents.

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    6. SEO-friendly

    If you use a native app, it is hard to discover outside the App Stores. Using PWA, your customers can easily find you on the Internet, so this opens up opportunities for SEO practices. Obviously, your PWA is still a web page, so it is optimized for mobile and high-speed site means better ranking results. If you use a native app, it is hard to discover outside the App Stores.

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    7. Receive Notifications Easily

    Anybody can't deny the importance of push notifications. As a powerful and personalized marketing tool, push notifications can readily increase the engagement rate. When the visitors of your website or customers give their consent to get notifications, the ‘Push Manager’ feature starts sending push notification.

    App notifications can attract users by providing real-time updates on receiving orders, shipping status, promotional offers, and new arrivals. A right notification process can assist you to retain customers and increase the brand value.

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    8. Quick Installation

    You don't need to open the browser and type in URL because a PWA can be “saved” to the home screen that allows rapid repeat access. Moreover, PWAs operate in “full-screen” mode, hiding the browser URL bar on the top and the browser navigation tools on the bottom of the screen for a native “app-like” look and feel.

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    9. Fast Loading

    Magento 2 PWA uses a variety of performance optimization strategies to offer a responsive experience or load content quickly. Java Scripts run separately from the main web thread and enable your PWA to load nearly instantly. Thanks to caching information in the browser and app, PWAs by nature are very fast. They provide the illusion a user is in a native application with smooth animations, navigation, and scrolling.

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    10. Enhanced User Experience

    Perhaps the most exciting revelation about PWA is that they deliver a significant increase in user experience. PWAs combine the best characteristics of mobile web properties and native applications by reducing the constraints of both systems and combining their benefits into one. Magento 2 PWA enhances the usability of online shoppers that makes the online experience easy and blazing fast. PWA can be leveraged in many ways but ultimately depends on where and how businesses choose to implement that determine its flexible functionality. This comes as no surprise when you consider the impact that each new feature has on the user experience. Digital professionals know a better user experience results in higher conversion rates because you are removing obstacles and reducing friction for your users.

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    Where can you find the best Magento 2 PWA integration service?

    A progressive web app is a great solution for your Magento website in case you want to keep it progressive and provide a better workflow. To take full advantage of progressive web apps for your e-commerce business, you should contact Magento web development companies.

    When it comes to Magento 2 PWA integration, Tigren agency appears as one of the best selections. Different from other service providers, Tigren will help you to convert your website to PWA using their high-standard ready-made PWA theme to minimize the time of development. That theme already includes a well-design PWA storefront and core API to connect the new storefront with your existing Magento backend. You can check their Magento PWA theme demo for more details.

    Last but not least, if you want to succeed in the business world, switching to Magento 2 PWA is one of the best ways you can invest in the future.

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