129 RR - Sharpening Tools with Ben Orenstein

Ruby Rogues Picks - Episode 129 : October 30, 2013

  1. Ms fnd in a Lbry

    MS Fnd in a Lbry HAL DRAPER From: Report of the Commander, Seventh Expeditionary Force, Andromedan Paleoanthropological Mission What puzz...

  2. Hybrid Kangaroo | Adjustable Height Desk - Ergo Desktop

    "Adjustable Height Desk - Ergo Desktop offers 10 different models of adjustable height desk. A solution to many adjustable height desk ch...

  3. The Changelog

    June 20th, 2012 Two years ago, Jacob (then 3) and I built his first computer together. I installed Debian on it, but never put a GUI on t...

  4. The Secret Weapon: Evernote and GTD smoothly integrated into TSW

    Email + Evernote + GTD: A no bs approach to personal productivity

  5. Narcissistic Design - Stuart Halloway

    The software industry changes rapidly, but you can protect yourself from these changes by creating code that is complicated enough that o...

  6. Workshops

    Workshops, screencasts, videos, and books to help you learn web design and development.

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