132 RR - Nothing to Hide with Steve Klabnik

Ruby Rogues Picks - Episode 132 : November 20, 2013

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    Transactional Email from MailChimp - Mandrill

    Mandrill is a new way for apps to send transactional email. It runs on the delivery infrastructure that powers MailChimp.

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    Mrs Beeton

    Isabella Mary Mayson (March 12, 1836 - January 1865), universally known as Mrs Beeton, was the author of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management and is the most famous cookery writer in British history. Isabella was born at 24 Milk Street, Cheapside, London.

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    Moom ยท Many Tricks

    Do you spend a lot of time moving and zooming windows, so you can better see and work with all the content on your Mac? Instead of doing that work yourself, let Moom handle the task for you.

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    Your goals can be anything quantifiable - weight, pushups, number of cigarettes, or how long it takes you to bike to work. Answer with your number when Beeminder asks - or connect a device like a Withings scale - and we'll show your progress and a Yellow Brick Road to follow to stay on track.

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    Lift | Succeed at everything.

    Lift is a coach that goes everywhere with you, helping you achieve any goal, change any habit, or build any expertise.

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    The Extensible Web Manifesto

    extendthewebforward We- the undersigned -want to change how web standards committees create and prioritize new features. We believe that this is critical to the long-term health of the web. We aim to tighten the feedback loop between the editors of web standards and web developers.

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    FREE VPN proXPN|Get your 100% FREE proXPN VPN account now!

    proXPN VPN Service Details Encryption key: 2048-bit Encryption tunnel:512-bit Server Locations Supported Platforms Windows 8/7/Vista/XP SP3 Mac OS X 10.6+ iOS & Android 4.0+ What is proXPN? How it Works proXPN is a global VPN (virtual private network) that creates a secure, encrypted tunnel through which all of your online data passes back and forth.

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    Mnemonic major system

    The Major System (also called the phonetic number system, phonetic mnemonic system, or Herigone's mnemonic system) is a mnemonic technique used to aid in memorizing numbers. The system works by converting numbers into consonant sounds, then into words by adding vowels. The system works on the principle that images can be remembered more easily than numbers.

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    Sarah Mei

    Why You Should Never Use MongoDB Disclaimer: I do not build database engines. I build web applications. I run 4-6 different projects every year, so I build a lot of web applications. I see apps with different requirements and different data storage needs.

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    tmate * Instant terminal sharing

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