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The roots of the Foundation framework go all the way back to the era of NeXTSTEP, which has been around for 25 years and covers a lot of ground.

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    Editorial - Foundation - objc.io issue #7

    A periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C

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    Value Objects

    In this article, we'll look at how to write value objects in Objective-C. In doing that, we'll touch upon important protocols and methods in Objective-C. A value object is an object that holds some values, and can be compared for equality. Often, value objects can be used as model objects.

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    Key-Value Coding and Observing

    Key-value coding and key-value observing are two formalized mechanisms that allow us to simplify our code by harnessing the dynamic and introspective properties of the Objective-C language. In this article, we'll take a look at some examples on how to put this to use.

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    Custom Formatters

    When formatting data into a user-readable format we tend to use quick one-off solutions. This is a shame because Foundation comes with NSFormatter, which is perfectly suited for this task and can be easily reused throughout your code base. Heck, if you're on a Mac, AppKit classes have built-in support for NSFormatter, making your life a lot easier.

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    Communication Patterns

    Every application consists of multiple more or less loosely coupled objects that need to communicate with each other to get the job done. In this article we will go through all the available options, look at examples how they are used within Apple's frameworks, and extract some best-practice recommendations regarding when you should use which mechanism.

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    Linguistic Tagging - Foundation - objc.io issue #7

    A periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C

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    The Foundation Collection Classes

    NSArray, NSSet, NSOrderedSet, and NSDictionary Author Note: This article contains several benchmark results, however they are by no means meant to be exact and there's no variation/multiple runs applied. Their goal is to give you a direction of what's faster and general runtime statistics.

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