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We wanted to do something with a quadcopter, but we didn’t yet have a detailed plan of what we wanted to build. Once we started experimenting with this, it quickly became apparent to us how complicated it is to work with real hardware. In the end, we had to cut quite a few corners to create something that would still end up as a self-contained project within a few days.

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    Editorial - Quadcopter Project - objc.io issue #8

    A periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C

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    The Project

    The Initial Plan Our first idea was to do some sort of indoor navigation of the drone using Bluetooth beacons. With an iPhone attached to the drone, it should be possible to derive its current position using triangulation from a bunch of iBeacons positioned in the room. At least, so we thought...

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    Communicating with the Quadcopter

    The AR Drone quadcopter is a small, Linux-based computer. Its WiFi interface acts as a WiFi hotspot. Once we've joined that, we can read the drone over WiFi at the IP address UDP - User Datagram Protocol The communication with the drone happens over UDP, which is short for User Datagram Protocol.

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    The Navigator App

    In this article, we'll tie together all the different parts of our system and build the navigator app. This is the app that will run on the iPhone that's attached to our drone; you can check out the app on GitHub.

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    The Client App

    The client app is the component in this project that sends the target location coordinates to the phone strapped to the drone. It's a pretty simple task, but there are a few interesting bits to it, like the use of the new (as of iOS 7) Multipeer Connectivity APIs and NSSecureCoding.

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