A look at Haiti

This is to show the socio-cultural and economics of Haiti.

  1. Haiti Statistics " HaitiPartners.org

    As sad as it may be, any discussion of Haiti must begin today with Economics. Haiti Statistics Poverty Gross national income per capi...

  2. Timeline: Haiti

    1492 - Christopher Columbus lands and names the island Hispaniola, or Little Spain. 1496 - Spanish establish first European settlement in...

  3. Haiti Soil

    Photograph by Ariana Cubillos, AP Images Rice makes up 20 percent of the typical Haitian's diet, and that percentage is growing. In 1981 ...


    A long term problem that needs to be solved in many ways.

  5. Inside Haiti's slums

    NOTE THIS WAS WELL BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE. In Haiti's foetid slums criminal gangs use rape as a weapon to control the millions struggli...

  6. Haiti: The Disaster Before the Earthquake

    In December of 2009, less than four weeks before the powerful earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince, the San Damiano Foundation spent 8 day...

  7. Haiti

    Graph, map and compare more than 1,000 time series indicators from the World Development Indicators and more than 5,000 indicators from o...

  8. Haiti Documentary

    A short documentary depicting what life is like in a rural Haitian village.

  9. Haiti's History and Geo Politics

    US policy and donated rice is seen by many as a partial cause of the economic hardships in Haiti today. ZOE | https://www.defend.ht ...

  10. PositiveRipples/BonaResponds How to help in Haiti (w Djemson )

    How we can help in Haiti. The first "PositiveRipple" interview! This is with Djemson Jeudy of Gonaives Haiti.

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