A look at Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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    Tensions Rise At Border As Dominican Republic Begins Deporting Haitians

    Dominican forces are expelling Haitians everyday, part of an ongoing plan to deport people without papers who have been living on the wrong side of the border for years. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: The Dominican Republic has started formal deportations of Haitians living illegally in its country.

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    About Dominican RepublicPuerto Plata Real Estate homes for sale, villas, hotels, condo, apartments, land, dominican republic for rent

    I was looking maps and found this. It has much information and a few great maps even if not the most polished or professionally done site. The internet has many web sites on the DR. Start at DR1.com and pursue its links. A good friend of mine, sadly deceased, Heinz Meder, has a lively book, Tales of a Caribbean Isle, By and For an Insider, with scads of good skinny.

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    Disasters and Conflict > Country Operations > Haiti > Haiti media > Haiti&RDEnvironmentalChallenges

    Port-au-Prince/Santo Domingo - Countering environmental degradation across the Haitian-Dominican Republic border in order to boost food security was today agreed by the Minister of Environment of Haiti, Jean François Thomas, and the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic, Bautista Rojas Gómez. "The report – which presents the findings of an 18-month long assessment of the environment in the area that separates the two countries on the island of Hispaniola – identified 4 key issues: Haitian poverty, food insecurity and under-development affect virtually all parts of the border zone; Soil erosion, deforestation and a degraded marine environment are all indicative of growing environmental degradation; Weak governance affects the economy and society in the area; and Economic and resource inequalities cause many of the border zone problems."

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    Shades of the Border

    One island, two countries, many skin colors. A history of racial prejudice divides the island of Hispaniola. More about Shades of the Border from filmmaker Patrick Smith The racial issues that exist on the island of Hispaniola can hardly be described as "black and white."

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    Haiti and Dominican Republic: A Tale of Two Countries

    I could not get the audio to work, but that is in a way even better. Just watch some of the video from both the start and the end of the video. You get an idea of the difference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6zokV... Haiti and the Dominican Republic may share one island but their histories unfolded quite differently. There are vast economic, political and ecological differences between these two Caribbean countries. hy did the political, economic and ecological histories of these two countries - the Dominican Republic and Haiti - sharing the same island unfold so differently?

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    Haiti and the Dominican Republic: One island, two worlds | Global Ideas | DW.COM | 12.02.2013

    Palm trees, sandy beaches stretching for miles, a brilliant blue sea - at first glance, the Dominican Republic seems like a real paradise. Several million tourists visit the country each year.

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    The bloody origins of the Dominican Republic's ethnic 'cleansing' of Haitians

    There is an artificial line that splits the island of Hispaniola in two. On one side is Haiti, and on the other is the Dominican Republic. There was a time when that split between the two countries was drawn with blood; the 1937 Parsley Massacre is widely regarded as a turning point in Haitian-Dominican relations.

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    In Haiti, Exploring What Drives People to Alter the Landscape

    A typical aerial image of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic shows the eastern side lush green with vegetation and forests, whereas the western side-Haiti- is brown, barren, and devoid of trees.

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    'Life without dignity' for stateless on Haiti border

    Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti - Eugene Toussaint and his wife, Isoline, have seen thousands arrive with their families from the Dominican Republic in the past six months. "They started to arrive on June 17," says the elderly pastor, "and they didn't stop." Toussaint built his shack on this dry patch of land almost 15 years ago.

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    In Photos: Life at the Largest Border Crossing Between Haiti and the Dominican Republic | VICE News

    Scattered along the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic are a series of border crossings that offer a free trade zone to the population of the two countries on the island of Hispaniola. Twice a week, the gates open to a common market area where goods are traded and sold.

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