Acquiring customers as a start-up

Customer acquisition is the most important part of starting a business. Without actual customers or users, you don't have a business. Included are some resources you can use to effectively obtain users and measure your progress.

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    Get Your First Million Users: Discover Your Product's Viral Loops

    $15 to take the course - definitely worth it. "One of the best classes I've ever attended on Skillshare." - Founder of Skillshare Michael Karnjanaprakorn "Highly actionable and thought provoking class. Recommend to any startup looking to quickly build their user base." - Jan Renner "Michael's class was easily the best skillshare class I've taken and I've taken a number of them.

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    Places to Start Acquiring Users

    How to get people to find out about your product without having to pay for it. In this post, he covers some of the best growth hacks that he discovered for the acquisition stage of the lean marketing funnel.

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