Adding Social Media to WordPress

Ok, so you've got your new WordPress website or blog set up, and now you want to start building your web presence. Adding social media plugins to WP is probably the best way to start (SEO, a little more time consuming, can come later). I dug up some YouTube videos from around the web that are short and sweet -- and will fill your site with your social media content.

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    Twitter Widget Tutorial

    Adding a live Twitter feed directly to your site allows people to read your tweets and hit the follow button. 

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    Add Facebook Like Button To Website: Facebook Like Button How To

    Yeah, Facebook might be on its way out the door. But for the time being, you need to have a Like button on your blog or site. 

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    Add a Pinterest Button to WordPress Using the GetSocial Plugin

    Using the GetSocial plugin, you can easily add a Pin It button to your site. 

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    wordpress tutorials - Instagram Gallery using Snapwidget

    Using Snapwidget, it's super easy to add an Instagram feed. Now, you can share you hipster photos with everyone else!

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    How to add a Klout widget to your website (or to wordpress).

    Klout isn't a huge social media platform, but it's cool to know how much influence you have.  

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    How to Install the Google +1 Button on Your Website

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- Google+ is going to be the next big thing. While Facebook does its thing, Google is slowly making moves for the takeover. +1 button is highly recommended. 

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    Embed & show Vine videos on WordPress website

    Still in its infancy, Vine is something that most people aren't using yet. But if you're at the forefront, show it by putting your Vine posts on WordPress. This video doesn't have anyone explaining, but the text does a pretty good job. 

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