Adelphia Communications Scandal

Adelphia started as a small cable company and grew into a huge success story, only to completely blow up amid a scandal that rocked the company, town, and SBU. Also it landed several people in Jail.

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    Adelphia Communications Corporation - Wikipedia

    Adelphia Communications Corporation (former NASDAQ ticker symbol ADELQ), named after the Greek word αδελφοί adelphoi "brothers", was a cable television company headquartered in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. Adelphia was the fifth largest cable company in the United States before filing for bankruptcy in 2002 as a result of internal corruption.

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    Fall of the House of Rigas: A Timeline

    Last week's sentencing of former Adelphia Communications Corp. founder, chairman and CEO John Rigas to 15 years in prison for securities and bank fraud and of his son, Timothy, the former chief financial officer, to 20 years was another milestone in a case that began innocuously enough with a fumbled answer during a routine quarterly conference call with analysts.

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    Adelphia Files for Bankruptcy

    Adelphia Communications and more than 200 of its subsidiaries file for bankruptcy protection; company, which has been under investigation by Securities and Exchange Commission and two federal grand juries, says it will continue to provide cable service to more than 3,500 towns and cities and that employees will continue to be paid; arranges loan of $1.5 billion to help it reorganize with J P Morgan Chase and Citigroup as lead banks (M)

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    SEC Charges Adelphia and Rigas Family With Massive Financial Fraud

    Washington, D.C., July 24, 2002 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission today filed charges against Adelphia Communications Corp.; its founder John J. Rigas; his three sons, Timothy J. Rigas, Michael J. Rigas, and James P. Rigas; and two senior executives at Adelphia, James R. Brown, and Michael C.

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    Adelphia Officials Are Arrested, Charged With 'Massive' Fraud

    Three members of the Rigas family that founded Adelphia Communications Corp., and two other company executives, were arrested early Wednesday morning and charged with looting the nation's sixth-largest cable-television company "on a massive scale." In a related move, Adelphia itself was accused of fraud in a similar complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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    Witness Tells of Adelphia Paying Rigases' Golf Fees

    Adelphia Communications Corp. paid $3,000 in "beauty" costs for founder John Rigas and $700,000 for his son, Timothy, to join an exclusive golf club in South Carolina, a company employee told jurors Wednesday. Accounts payable manager Linda Pekarski said Adelphia also made payments on Rigas expenses for antiques, mortgages, estate planning, bedroom slippers and personal credit cards.

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    More Adelphia Papers in Question

    Adelphia Communications Corp.'s former treasury supervisor continued to testify Monday that former Chief Financial Officer Timothy Rigas signed phony documents and that the company put up collateral for Rigas family margin loans.

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    Actress Tells of Flying on Adelphia's Planes

    Actress Peta Wilson told federal jurors Monday that she took at least nine flights on Adelphia Communications Corp. planes, including trips to Jamaica and Los Angeles with former finance chief Timothy Rigas. Wilson, who starred for five years in USA Network's spy thriller, "La Femme Nikita," described the trips at Rigas' fraud trial in New York.

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    The end of the Adelphia saga

    The Adelphia Communications saga finally comes to a close as John and Tim Rigas go to prison. A summary of one of the biggest scandals in US history.

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    Adelphia Founder, Son Indicted on Tax Charges

    The founder of Adelphia Communications Corp. and his son, both already convicted of a massive fraud at the bankrupt cable-television company, have been indicted on charges that they and other family...

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    Deloitte to Pay $167.5M in Adelphia Case -

    Officials at the trust formed after Adelphia went bankrupt claim the settlement with Deloitte & Touche is among the largest between a public accounting firm and a client. Deloitte & Touche has agreed to pay $167.5 million to settle a case with a trust that was formed after Adelphia Communications Corp.

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    10 years later, two members of the Rigas family that founded Adelphia maintain their innocence

    Ten years ago today - on March 27, 2002 - a single question brought down a business empire. No one saw it coming: not the executives at Adelphia Communications, the country's fifth-largest cable company; not the independent auditors; not the corporate lawyers; not even the man who asked the question.

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    Dying Adelphia founder Rigas to be freed from prison

    Adam Roundtree | Bloomberg | Getty Images A federal judge on Friday ordered the release from prison of John Rigas, the Adelphia Communications Corp founder convicted over a fraud that led to the cable TV company's collapse, because he is dying of cancer. Rigas, 91, has been serving a 12-year prison term, but U.S.

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    Adephia Communications Doctoral Dissertation by Susan Bishop

    The Abstract is very good. Highly recommend reading it.

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    Adlphia Case study by Carol Fischer and Jim Mahar

    Will upload as soon as I find a

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    John Rigas returns to Coudersport after being relased from prison

    COUDERSPORT, Pa. - It's not that everyone in Coudersport forgot what happened. Everyone here is quite aware that John Rigas, the Adelphia founder who built a cable empire in this small Pennsylvania town, was convicted of a multi-billion dollar corporate fraud scheme. People here remember the devastation caused by Adelphia's bankruptcy.

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    After prison, 'the fight continues' for John Rigas - The Buffalo News

    "I recognize there are a lot of people that feel we did something wrong, and I understand it," the former Adelphia owner said. "I have no bitterness about all that. We just have to work harder to prove our innocence and that they're wrong."

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