AngularJS For Beginners

AngularJS is becoming quite popular and a first choice for developing single page web apps.

  1. Using AngularJS Promises

    In my previous article I discussed the benefits of using dependency injection to make code more testable and modular. In this article I'l...

  2. Remastered Animation in AngularJS 1.2

    Learn how to use the bigger and better animation features in AngularJS 1.2

  3. AngularJS For Beginners

    AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google that makes coding web apps painless, quick, and easy! In this tutorial, I'll try ...

  4. AngularJS Cheat Sheet

    AngularJS Cheat Sheet from ProLoser. The official - unofficial AngularJS cheatsheet.

  5. Everything you need to understand to start with AngularJS

    2012 was the year of the rise of the Javascript MVC frameworks and librairies with countless of those frameworks that were released or th...

  6. Little-known directives of Angular.js

    This is a post on CODETUNES, a blog by MONTERAIL, an offshore Ruby on Rails development agency.

  7. Building a RESTful web service with AngularJS (and PHP) - More power with $resource

    This is a two parts post about how to make RESTful requests through an AngularJS web application. Index The index of this brief series of...

  8. Building minification-safe Angular.js applications

    The first time I pulled up my text editor and starting working with Angular.js minifcation wasn't on my mind. Playing with Angular&#3...

  9. All Lessons - AngularJS Video Tutorials, Workshops, and Training

    Comprehensive video introductory workshop/tutorial on AngularJS including directives, binding, filters, ngRepeat, testing, isolate scopes...

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