Animated Videos for Viewing

This path includes several animated videos. The style and content of the videos vary, and consequently so does there purpose. Watch animated Ellen for a pick me up or learn something new!

  1. Ellen DeGeneres meets Woody & Buzz! ANIMATED

    NOTE: I DO NOT own any rights to any of the included material. This is a non-profit video created for entertainment purposes. This is a s...

  2. A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - Ray Laurence

    View full lesson: Welcome to the world of Lucius Popidiu...

  3. The Power of Teamwork - Funny Animation.

    The Power of Teamwork - Funny Animation.

  4. Duck and Cover

    A clip from the classic 1951 educational film.

  5. Business Ethics Through Film: Monsters Inc.

    Business Ethics Through Film, BUAD 609 Xavier University MBA Program By Brett Dickson, Leah Busam, Andy Doster & Kenny Rod newparadigmbus...

  6. Water Cycle - Magic School Bus

    Short Clip from the Magic School Bus Series about how the water cycle works. Instructional video best for younger children as it is not v...

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