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    Benefits, Challenges and Applications of IoT in healthcare

    Consider the huge amount of data that is collected in the IoT cloud of patients with various illnesses. This data can be effectively used as a statistical study that supports medical research. A study that would have taken years to collect the data can be completed easily by extracting information from the IoT cloud.

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    Native App Development vs. Hybrid App Development - Choose the best

    Mobile apps can be of two types: hybrid and native. Let's have a look at the pros and cons of native & hybrid application development. This blog should help you choose which type to pick if you're considering to develop an app soon.

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    Detailed Guide on Parking Mobile Apps and How to Start a Parking Lot Business

    Number of cars around the world are increasing continuously, however the number of parking lots are limited. Due to this, Car owners or drivers are not able to find the perfect parking lot and hence they park their car at the first garage which came under their view of sight.

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