Best Dinosaur Museums

Here are the best dinosaur exhibits to teach students all about dinosaurs. Some are even interactive and provide a virtual tour or dinosaur dig to dig for fossils. Check them out!

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    The Dino Directory - Natural History Museum

    This website offers an abundance of information about dinosaurs.  It has articles, fast facts, videos about dinosaurs.  The website has a kid only page about dinosaurs.  Also, it has an education page that contains teacher resources, school activities.   

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    Photo Archives - Charles Knight Paintings Gallery | The Field Museum

    On the Field Museum website there are photo galleries including the Charles Knight Paintings Gallery that includes 30 photos about dinosaurs.  Great photos to use when teaching about dinosaurs!

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    Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries

    The American Museum of Natural History is one great resource website to use for teaching about dinosaurs and fossils.  There are plenty of pictures and explanations about the dinosaurs and for teachers there is a "For Educators" page where you can find free online resources. 

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    National Museum of Natural History - Dinosaurs

    This website is a great resource when teaching about Dinosaurs! There is a tab called interactives it features a virtual tour and a virtual dinosaur dig! Also, it discusses the dinosaurs collections and exhibits.   

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    Dinosphere at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

    Dinosphere offers a lot of resources not only for students but teachers as well. &nbsp;As seen on the website there is a virtual tour, dino profiles, under teacher: academic standards, units of study, professional development,&nbsp;books,&nbsp;online activities and WebQuests. &nbsp;<br>

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