Best Dinosaur Videos

These are the best "live action" dinosaur videos available via YouTube. For each video we will provide relevant information as to: Grade level, length, number of parts and relevant learning objectives. For multi-part videos we will be present you with the first part.

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    BBC Chased by Dinosaurs - Land of Giants

    The zoologist Nigel Marvel is catapulted back in time in Argentina, to see the most impressive creatures that have ever walked the planet, including the Argentinosaurus with an average weight of seventy tons and the Isomma, a real heavyweight among sauropods.  This video would be good for grades 3 to 12.  It is 29 minutes long.  Part 1 of 1.

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    Discovery Channel Mega Beasts - Great American Predator

    This documentary is about the Acrocanthosaurus which lived in the current North America during periods dell'Aptiano and early Albian in the early Cretaceous. He was one of the largest theropods, about 12 meters long and weighing more than 6 tons. As the name suggests, it is primarily known for the height of her spine, which probably kept a ledge over the muscled back, neck and sides of the animal. This video focuses on probably the biggest predator on the North American continent at the time.  Good for grades 3 to 12.  44 minutes.  Part 1 of 1. 

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    Sea Rex - Journey to a Prehistoric World

    This is a great video exploring ancient marine reptiles (technically not dinosaur at all).  Explore an amazing underwater universe inhabited by immense creatures, such as Liopleurodon, the Elasmosaurus with its long neck and the giant Shonisaurus.  Excellent opening sequence that provides historical context for early "dino-hunters."  Grades 3 to 12.  41 minutes.  Part 1 of 1.

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