Best practices for creating video courses

I've been taking classes at Udemy and buying deals for a year or so. I want to create some of my own courses. I just am not sure what I need in terms of cameras and software, can anyone help?

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    How To Make A Website With Wordpress

    How To Make A Website- Click Here For The Free Step By Step Video Course In this tutorial I'm going to go over how to make a website. You will learn how to make a wordpress website. If you want to jump ahead here's what I talk about: 00:10 Create website- Why learning html, css and coding isn't needed.

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    How to create your own Intranet Video Streaming Server

    Video is the most powerful communication tool; it's the fastest way to share knowledge and information. Now all companies can adopt easily this technology using Open Source Video Solutions like Kaltura. Kaltura is a powerful video streaming solution which supports Flash & HTML 5 sharing.

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    How To Create Online Training This tutorial shows how to create an online training or online course using ProProfs Training Software. ProProfs provides a simple to use training software that you can use to make online courses for education or business.

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    How I Develop My Video Courses

    Part 1 - From Idea to Script In this session, I discuss how I develop my video courses and how I manage my video length. In terms of development, I discuss the outlines that I create and revise as the courses' mature as well as the idea of using a script to update older material.

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    Apple Garageband Crash Course - How to Create Your Own Video Soundtrack

    A guide for non-musicians! Don't get caught up in the copyright infringement problem! You can easily create an original score for your YouTube videos using Garageband even if you are not a musician. This video tutorial will teach you how. Subscribe to the the SixStringSensei YouTube channel today for more high-quality, brain-donor-free, high definition videos!

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