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This toolset aims to help web developers and designers to become better at writing css

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    Compass Home | Compass Documentation

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    Book - Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

    I have long lost count of how many web sites I've built. You would think after having built a few hundred of them I would have discovered the "one true way" of doing it. I don't think there is one true way.

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    Compass Tutorials #10 - Vertical Rhythm

    The 10th Compass tutorial in the Sass tutorial series. This tutorial teaches you how to easily implement Vertical Rhythm using Compass. For more information on vertical rhythm, please see.

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    Compose to a Vertical Rhythm

    "Space in typography is like time in music. It is infinitely divisible, but a few proportional intervals can be much more useful than a limitless choice of arbitrary quantities." So says the typographer Robert Bringhurst, and just as regular use of time provides rhythm in music, so regular use of space provides rhythm in typography, and without rhythm the listener, or the reader, becomes disorientated and lost.

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    MindBEMding - getting your head 'round BEM syntax

    One of the questions I get asked most frequently is what do -- and __ mean in your classes? The answer is thanks to BEM and Nicolas Gallagher ... BEM - meaning block, element, modifier - is a front-end naming methodology thought up by the guys at Yandex.

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    Sass: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

    Sass boasts more features and abilities than any other CSS extension language out there. The Sass Core Team has worked endlessly to not only keep up, but stay ahead.

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    An Introduction To Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS)

    Have you ever heard the phrase "Content is King"? Being a Web developer, and therefore having a job that's often linked to content creation, it's likely you have. It's a fairly overused but true statement about what draws visitors to a site. From a Web developer's perspective, however, some may argue that speed is king.

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    Home - inuitcss - a powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework

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