Big Ruby 2014

Big Ruby is a conference focused on the use of Ruby in large organizations, infrastructures, userbases, and teams. If your Ruby runs hundreds of servers, handles millions of users, and you count each and every millisecond, this is the conference for you.

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    Testing the Untestable by Richard Schneeman

    Good tests are isolatable, repeatable and deterministic. Good tests don’t touch the network and are flexible when it comes to change. Bad tests are all of the above. Bad tests are no tests at all - which is where I found myself with a 5 year legacy codebase running in production and touching millions of customers with minimal use-case documentation. We’ll cover this experience and several like it while digging into how to go from zero to total test coverage as painlessly as possible. You will learn how to stay sane in the face of insane testing conditions and how to use these tests to deconstruct a monolith app. When life gives you a big ball of mud, write a big ball of tests.

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    Mo' Jobs Mo' Problems - Lessons Learned Scaling To Millions of Jobs An Hour by Tanner Burson

    At Tapjoy we process over a million jobs an hour with Ruby. This talk is a discussion of tools, techniques, and interesting problems from the trenches of scaling up over the last two years. Expect to learn a lot about Ruby job queues (beyond Resque/Sidekiq), performance, concurrency and more.

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    Slides - Mo' Jobs Mo' Problems

    Mo' Jobs Mo' Problems @ Big Ruby Conf 2014

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    Building Def Con CTF With Ruby by Vito Genovese

    DEF CON Capture the Flag is the world series of computer hacking, with hundreds of teams from all over the world trying to qualify, and a select few competing on site in Las Vegas. For our first time hosting this event, we picked a Ruby-based stack running the game, which has teams attempting to defend their network services while hacking opponents' and stealing secrets.

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    Slides - Building DEF CON CTF with Ruby

    Building DEF CON CTF with Ruby

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    How Shopify Sharded Rails by Camilo Lopez

    Last year at this very conference John Duff spoke about how Shopify scales while maintaing one of the longest lived and largest Rails deployments, and how we affront the challenges that come with growth. Shopify in 2013 became more than twice the size in every single aspect; requests per minute, GMV, merchants, number of developers, etc.

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    Presentation - How Shopify Sharded Rails

    How shopify sharded rails

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    A 4 Pack Of Big Lightning Talks By Chris Morris

    If you get 10 minutes into this talk and decide you don't really like the topic, the topic will change! If you don't like the speaker, well ... there's no accounting for taste. The Cobbler's Production Console Has No Shoes. Don't give all your great stuff to your end-users, build something nice for yourself as well.

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    Slides - Big Ruby 2014: A 4 Pack of Lightning Talks

    Make your production console a nice place to work. DIY Fixtures and Mocks. Runtime Analysis with Humperdink and Coverband. ALL THE ANALOGIES.

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    Open Source Isn't For Everyone, But It Could Be by Ashe Dryden

    By Ashe Dryden The state of diversity in open source contributions is abysmal. With the number of female OSS contributors at a shockingly low 1.5% and other groups not even documented, we need to ask what we can be doing better as a community.

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    Castle On A Cloud: The Github Story By Ben Bleything

    When you think "GitHub", you're probably thinking of what we lovingly refer to as GitHub Dot Com: The Web Site. GitHub Dot Com: The Web Site runs on an incredibly interesting infrastructure composed of very powerful, cleverly configured, and deeply handsome servers. This is not their story.

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    Refactoring With Science By Wynn Netherland

    Changing code is easy. Changing code with confidence isn't. Even the most robust, mature test suites have blind spots that make large scale changes difficult. At GitHub we use Science to instrument, compare results, and measure performance of parallel code path experiments to see how new code runs against a current production baseline.

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    Slides - Refactoring with Science

    Refactoring with Science

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    It Looks Like You're Writing A Service: Would You Like Help?

    By Mando Escamilla. Once you've properly structured your Rails app, you'll begin to find logical seams in your domain logic. These seams can be the perfect opportunity to extract a software component into a stand-alone service. Using a live-in-production example, we'll walk through how we build and integrate services at Union Metrics.

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    It Presentation - Looks like you're trying to create a service! Would you like some help?

    Hard-fought service lessons learned by Union Metrics engineering, as presented by Mando Escamilla at the Big Ruby Conference in Dallas, Texas in February 2014.

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    In Praise of Smallness

    In Praise of Smallness

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    Slides - Throw Some Keys on It: Data Modeling for Key-Value Data Stores by Example

    Throw Some Keys on It: Data Modeling for Key-Value Data Stores by Example

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