Blogging as an Artist

Building an audience is an outstanding way to increase your sales as an artist. One way to do this is to start and maintain a blog. Here are some strategies to make that happen.

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    9 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Have Their Own Art Blog

    Are you an artist? Do you have an art blog yet? If not, you should. Here's a list of nine reasons why every artist should have their own art blog.

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    How to Create An Artist Blog in 5 Easy Steps

    Learn how easy it is to create an Artist Blog and give your artwork maximum exposure. Blogs provide an easy way to display your art, discuss your creative process, make exhibition announcements and build relationships with potential buyers.

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    How to Write an Effective Blog Post for your Art Blog

    Creating a winning blog is arguably the best way for artists to build a following and to communicate with his or her collectors and fans. Producing quality posts is a the heart of every successful blog.

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    Telling the Story of Your Art

    Create awesome stories that make your customers addicted to your work.

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    How to Improve Your Art Blog

    If you have an art blog, this is a must read on how to improve it. These tips will help you increase traffic to your blog and interaction with your readers.

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    7 Inspiring Artists Who Blog

    Examples of artists that have great blogs

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    49 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art

    Here are some ways that bloggers utilize their blogs to promote their art.

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