BonasandBeyond--Intro to Economics

The topic of the lesson is What is economics? and Why does Capitalism work? These are a few of resources that you may find useful.

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    What is Economics? The typical first-year student walks into his first economics class with very little idea of what economics is. He might have heard something like, "economics is the study of money", or "economics is another word for accounting", or "economics is hard, don't take that class", but none of those are true.

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    UniversityNow: Types of Economic Systems

    A short and simple look at what are the various types of economic systems. Uploaded by unowacademics on 2014-06-13.

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    Markets: Exploitation or Empowerment?

    You can watch the video or read the transcript. Short version: trade is good! H/T to Brian McCannon for showing me this video.

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    Milton Friedman - Socialism vs. Capitalism

    Economist Milton Friedman taught Donahue a lesson when Phil attempted to equate greed with capitalism. Friedman regards free enterprise as the best economic system ever developed by civilization and cites history as the proof of his contention. Milton Friedman, 1912 - 2006

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