Branding: Strategy and Tips

The term itself encompasses every aspect of your persona or business. Branding isn't just your image or logo; it is the perception that people have of you, the way you conduct yourself (including social media) and the things you write or sell. Strategic brand development is important. But the consistency you maintain with that is more so. This toolset aims to help you understand branding both as a concept and a tool. Learning how to create and maintain it will be an ongoing process, but these resources can start you down the right path.

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    Introduction to Brand Strategy - Part 1: What Is Brand Strategy?

    This blog post -- courtesy of Susan Gunelius -- is a solid introduction into what brand strategy is all about. It gives you who, what, where, when, why and how. A good read to get you started. 

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    Introduction to Brand Strategy - Part 2: Identify the Brand Stakeholders

    Part II from Gunelius gives you who you need to go after and why you should be. Each one of these 'stakeholders' is important, and she breaks it down in layman's terms. 

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    7 Components That Comprise a Comprehensive Brand Strategy

    Now that you understand the basics of brand development, check out this list from HubSpot that gives you 7 things critical to your branding strategy. Consistency, emotional connect and reward are just a few. 

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    Apple Case Study

    Love it or hate it, Apple's brand is one of the most powerful and iconic in the world. This Slideshare presents a case study of Apple's rise and how its branding turned it into the powerhouse it is today. 

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    6 foolproof tips to build a consistent social media presence | Trackur

    Regardless of if you're a huge corporation, a small business or just a personal blogger, social media is a tool that you just cannot live without. But Twitter and Facebook aren't just forums for you to preach from -- everything you write or say defines you. Consistency is key after building your brand, and this list is spot on. 

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    7 Ways To Make Your Brand Look Terrible On Social Media

    This is the other side of the coin from our previous resource. You know those companies that are always tweeting BS or posting corny pictures on Facebook? Don't be the brand no one wants to like. 

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    Why Branding Consistency Is As Important As Branding Design

    Throughout this toolset, I've talked a lot about brand consistency. This resource shows why staying consistent with your brand is as or more important than the actual development. 

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    Logo Evolution of 25 Famous Brands

    A cool resource I found that shows the evolution of namestay brands' logos. Apple's original one is...very different. 

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