Broadcast a Webinar for free with Google Hangouts

Webinars are a great way to promote yourself and your business, and to help multiple people at the same time. The problem is, traditional webinar software is pretty expensive. Don't worry, Google has found another market to turn everything to free.

  1. link Completed - Google+ Hangout Apps Directory

    The Google Hangout Apps directory. This doesn't include everything you can do, but it's a start! <br>

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  2. video Completed

    Tube Method Live Hangout with Don Crowther, Jason Fladlien, and Zane Miller

    This is really long, but it explains just about everything you would need to know about broadcasting live webinars for free with Google Hangouts. <br><br>It starts with the basics of capturing video with Google hangouts and broadcasting it to YouTube. The video also introduces you to just about every current feature of Google Hangouts plus apps that you can install (which are awesome, by the way) to enhance you and your users' experience. <br><br>The Google Hangout app directory is relatively new, but it's growing, and has some huge potential. Through here, you can add apps like calls to action, the ability to show live comments, images, animation, etc. This is a great way to make your broadcast look really professional, or just to liven it up, a little. <br>

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  3. video Completed

    How to stream & record Google+ Hangouts

    A demonstration of how to stream and record Google Plus hangouts. Pretty simple! <br>

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