Build Your Reputation With Linkedin

Linkedin is an outstanding way of building your online reputation and portfolio to get a job, or even clients. Here are a few Linkedin features you should be utilizing to get the job done.

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    Add Photos, Videos, Powerpoints, Projects and Comments on Linkedin

    LinkedIn today announced another upgrade to its site, part of a bigger plan to add more features and reasons for people to hang around on its pages for longer: this time it's the turn of profile pages, where users will now be able to add more images, videos, resumes, presentations and comments and likes from other users as part of the mix.<br><br>Use this to your advantage! Now, you have more room and opportunity to display more about yourself, your skills, and what you've done. Be as visible and explanatory as possible.&nbsp;

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    Understand How Employers Recruit Might Help

    Alright so this won't help you directly. This is a premium product, and it's a recruiting feature. You should, however, understand how hiring managers (or whoever is out there looking to give you a job) work to find potential employees.&nbsp;

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    Generate Endorsements and Hand Them Out

    Add skills to your profile for other users to endorse. Think of Linkedin's Endorsements as their version of <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">Klout</a> (if you're familiar).&nbsp;<br><br>You can't be endorsed if you don't have skills listed in your profile. So, you should probably list some! Also, endorse other people.&nbsp;

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    A Little More About Linkedin Endorsements

    Professional social network LinkedIn has allowed you to write recommendations for contacts for some time now, but usually these involve actually writing out a recommendation that can posted on a contact's profile. Today the network is introducing a more lightweight way to recommend people and specifically, their skills, called Endorsements.<br><br>Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about why Linkedin launched endorsements, and how you can use them to your advantage.&nbsp;

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