Business Model Canvas - The Animated Series

Here is a great series of short videos put out by the Kauffman Foundation and Strategyzer Academy Great way to visualize business modeling.

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    Ep 3 - Prototyping

    Prototyping. Avoid falling in love with your first idea, and learn how to prototype multiple business model options.

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    Ep 4 - Navigating Your Environment

    Navigating Your Environment. Map the environment in which your business model will fight for survival.

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    Ep 6 - Telling Your Story

    Telling Your Story. Pitch your business model in a clear, simple, and compelling way.

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    Ep 5 - Proving It

    Proving It. Test all aspects of your business model to find out whats works, what doesn't, and what needs to change.

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    Ep 1 - Getting From Business Idea to Business Model

    Getting From Business Idea to Business Model. Watch the story of Beth, Carl, and an idea they believed could become a great business. Presented by Strategyzer Academy.

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    Ep 2 - Visualizing Your Business Model

    Visualizing Your Business Model. Learn about the business model canvas, a visual tool to craft powerful business models

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