Business Policy: Digital Tools

The following is a listing of resources you need to be aware of in order to understand the technologies we will be using in class.

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    How to Use Google Forms

    Google Forms is a surprisingly powerful forms creation and data gathering tool. Steve Dotto guides you through the main features of Google forms, and shows you how to make your first on-line form.

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    "Helpified, explained" by @Helpified of

    How to use helpified.

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    Trello Basic Training Tutorial for Managing Projects and Tasks

    Trello Training: Part 1

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    Trello June 2013 Enhancements Training Tutorial

    Trello Training Part 2. This focuses on some really neat features they just introduced.

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    screenr: a tutorial on free screencasting

    Quick tutorial on

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    Evernote Tips: The 11 Amazing Features That Make Using Evernote So Freaking Awesome

    Great tips on how to enhance your productivity.

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    Google Docs 2012 Beginners Tutorial

    In this video tutorial I go over Google Docs and talk about all of the different features such as: File Formatting File Sharing/Uploading Document Setup Google Drive Integrations and Much More!

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    What is Trello?

    Watch this to see if Trello is right for you! It goes over the main ideas of Trello. Though it isn't incredibly descriptive, it&nbsp;gives you a great idea of what this tool can do.&nbsp;Trello is a project management application that allows you to easily organize important tasks and disperse them among group members.<br>

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