Business Policy Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Management

This is the introductory module to the strategic management model. This provides an overview of the entire process plus some key articles to provide further explanation.

  1. Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

    See the full strategic planning process illustrated in less than five minutes. Understand the importance of defining your direction, sett...

  2. Resource-based View of the Firm

    The resource-based view ( RBV) as a basis for the competitive advantage of a firm lies primarily in the application of a bundle of valuab...

  3. Introduction to Strategic Management

    This chapter provides the basic SM model and perspectives.

  4. What is Strategic Planning, Really?

    Before starting any strategic planning process, it is essential to make sure your staff or team members have the same expectations of wha...

  5. Resource-based View of the Firm

    Seminal article by Jay Barney.

  6. Class Presentation

    Google Drive lets you store up to 15GB of your stuff for free, access them from anywhere, and collaborate with others.

  7. The Business of Breaking Bad

    Learn all about the business side of Breaking Bad. How good a business person is Walter White? What kind of entrepreneur is he?

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