Capitalism: Good, but not perfect

Capitalism gets a bad name, and it is not perfect, but it has done better than any other system we have seen in the history of the human race.

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    Towards the end of poverty

    IN HIS inaugural address in 1949 Harry Truman said that "more than half the people in the world are living in conditions approaching misery. For the first time in history, humanity possesses the knowledge and skill to relieve the suffering of those people."

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    Capitalism, not Oxfam, is defeating poverty

    One may ask why the charity, which is committed to reducing poverty, is so interested in billionaires. Surely it is the fate of those living on next to nothing that it should be concerned with, not playboys with fleets of superyachts and private jets.

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    Milton Friedman on Why Free Market Capitalism is Best

    Website: Facebook: Twitter:!/CommonSenseCap

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    What is Capitalism? (1948)

    A primer on capitalism from 1948.

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    A (Brief) History of Capitalism

    On the heels of extensive government intervention in economies around the world, writer-philosopher Ayn Rand is making a comeback. Her philosophy emphasized the right of the individual to pursue wealth and happiness through capitalism. Does our economic salvation depend on separating government and commerce? Related article:

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    Bono - Capitalism Reduces Poverty

    Bono: 1 minute on poverty

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    It's Not Capitalism That Causes Poverty, It's The Lack Of It

    It is indeed true, in one specific sense, that we can say that capitalism causes poverty. It's also equally true that the statement "capitalism causes poverty" is entirely wrong given the way that it is generally meant. That general meaning being that the capitalist plutocrats (and a few lucky running [...]

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    The Chinese Experiment: Opening Markets Reduces Poverty

    Introduction In 1980, about 60% of those living on less than the equivalent of $1 U.S. /day lived in China and India, 600-700 million of those in China. According to China's own poverty line (equivalent to approximately $.70/day U.S.) 245 million people were extremely impoverished.

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    Poverty, Inc.

    AT MINIMUM: watch the trailer! Michael Matheson Miller is the Director / Producer of POVERTY, INC. and a Research Fellow at the Acton Institute, a think tank focused on the intersection between market economics and moral philosophy and theology. He writes and speaks extensively on issues of development, political economy, religion, and culture.

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    Capitalism was supposed to signal the end of poverty. What went wrong?

    Hand to Mouth: the Truth About Being Poor in a Wealthy World Linda Tirado Virago, 224pp, £14.99 The Rich - from Slaves to Super-Yachts: a 2,000-Year History John Kampfner Little, Brown, 480pp, £25 Inequality and the 1% Danny Dorling Verso, 192pp, £12.99 During the long boom of the 1990s and 2000s, it became possible to imagine that nearly everyone who wanted to could do well out of capitalism.

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