Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a healthcare companies that specializes in working with hospitals, pharmacies, ambulatory centers, and etc.. The company is based Dublin, OH.

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    Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) -- Cardinal Health

    Cardinal Health Integrated Logistics Services (ILS)

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    Cardinal Health

    Cardinal Health's facility in Waukegan, Illinois, is one of the largest medical supply warehouses in the world. Each day, four miles of conveyors and sophisticated software keep medical products moving at a healthy pace.

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    Cardinal Health Proactively Manages Their IT Solution Build and Run Stages

    Cardinal Health ensures best practices for transformation deployment and provides real-time visibility and business metrics monitoring with help from SAP MaxAttention and the Innovation and Operations Control Center approaches.

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    Environmental Health and Safety - Cardinal Health

    An environmental health and safety manager at Cardinal Health describes her job, including the challenges of working with a new data management system and her focus on keeping employees safe and healthy.

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    2014 Digital Report to Shareholders video: George Barrett - Cardinal Health

    Apprx. 3-minute video of Chairman and CEO discussing fiscal year 2014 accomplishments and company's position of strength headed into fiscal year 2015.

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