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    What's Wrong with Executive Compensation?

    At the height of his success, Al Dunlap described in his book Mean Business a philosophy of executive compensation that came to hold sway in the late 1990s: "The best bargain is an expensive CEO . . .. You cannot overpay a good CEO and you can't underpay a bad one.

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    The Economic Case for Soaring CEO Pay

    Skyrocketing compensation for CEOs of U.S. companies, which has risen disproportionately to compensation for other workers over the past several decades, has provoked no end of public outrage. It has been called unfair, unseemly, unwise, unjustified. But is that the whole story?

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    Here's How Outrageous The Pay Gap Between CEOs And Workers Is

    If you thought CEOs were earning way too much while the bulk of their companies' employees got left behind -- well, you weren't wrong. The pay gap between chief executives of major U.S. firms and their median workers is massive, according to a recent report from career review site Glassdoor, which looked at data from 2014.

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    Amazon Keeps CEO Bezos' Total Pay at $1.68 Million Inc. founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos received $1.68 million in total pay last year, unchanged from 2012, including $81,840 in salary and $1.6 million to cover security arrangements.

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    Jack Welch and the Lone Ranger Theory

    In last week's post I remarked that economists justify the extraordinarily high compensation of American corporate executives with an appeal to the Lone Ranger theory. According to that theory, a firm's market value is determined mainly by its chief executive. Statistical regression of C.E.O.

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    Are CEOs overpaid? The case against

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reportedly made $96 million last year, Tesla Motors' Elon Musk made $78 million, while JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon reportedly made just $23 million. The average pay of the chief executive of an S&P 500 company has risen markedly since 1980, reaching about 100 times the median household income by the early 1990s.

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    20 Most Exorbitant Golden Parachutes in History of CEO Pay

    Jeff Reeves, Executive Editor of A recent GMI Ratings Report shows just how rich American CEOs get simply by handing in their resignation. These "golden parachutes" run the gamut - from quite successful execs who deserved some kind of comfortable retirement yet are wildly overpaid, to lackluster personalities in the corner office who hit the jackpot without ever posting dramatic successes.

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    The failure of Bill Clinton's CEO pay reform

    President George H. W. Bush's January 1992 trip to Tokyo will be forever remembered as the time he vomited in his Japanese host's lap at a fancy banquet. What made many Americans more nauseated, though, was the stark contrast between the 12 over-paid American CEOs who accompanied Bush on the trade promotion trip and their modestly compensated, yet high-performing Japanese counterparts.

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