Create a mobile or iPad app tutorial on Helpified with screenshots

Here at Helpified, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to display detailed step-by-step tutorials on anything you want. This included mobile apps! If you're trying to showcase your own app, or you're showing a class, client or colleague how to set up and use any mobile application, whipping up a quick Helpified toolset is a great option!

  1. video Completed

    Take a screenshot with your iPad

    This works exactly like your iPhone. Same buttons apply! <br><br>1) Get to the screen you're depicting&nbsp;<br>2) Hold the home and power buttons<br>3) Boom! Screenshot<br><br>Then, you can email it to yourself, upload it through Dropbox or Google Drive, or get it to your computer however you see fit.&nbsp;<br><br><br>

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  2. link Completed

    Use Skitch to take screenshots, annotate them, and upload

    Skitch takes away the need to take the screenshot and send it to your computer for editing. With Skitch, you can grab the screenshot, annotate it (with arrows,&nbsp;text or whatever you need), and upload it directly to the web right from your mobile device.&nbsp;<br><br>Take a look at the video to see how it works. View this individual resource page by clicking on the title for the full tutorial on this app!&nbsp;<br>

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  3. article Completed

    Take a screenshot with Android devices

    Since there are so many different types of Android devices, we wanted to show you some options here. Exactly how you take a screenshot will differ based on your particular device. Most likely, you'll find how to do it with this article.&nbsp;

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  4. link Completed

    Add your public link to Helpified

    If you watched the introductory video to Skitch, you know how to create a public link of your annotated screenshot.<br><br>Once you have the public link, simply add it to Helpified.&nbsp;

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