Creating a press page for your website

Creating a press kit is sometimes an overlooked aspect of getting your website launched. A press kit, or press page, is a simple page that gives some basic information about your company. It's useful for people in the press (e.g. writers, journalists, etc.) to grab some quick information about your company and feature you. You might as well make it as easy as possible for people to cover your company, right? Some things you can include are: logos and icons of different sizes, team pictures, founder bio, contact information, physical location address, social media links, and anything else that would explain your company's purpose. These resouces some examples you can base your press kit on.

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    Totem - the app page

    An app that generates press pages for your site automatically. Pretty cool! Could be useful. Creating a press page is pretty easy, though. So, I'm not sure if it's necessary.

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    Etsy - Press Kit

    An awesome example of a press kit from Etsy. Pretty comprehensive coverage of everything you would need. They also have some traction statistics.

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    How to Design a Great Press Page for Your Website (via

    Looking for media attention? Make yourself accessible and appealing by laying out the right information online. Henrik Sorensen/Getty When journalists want to find you, they're looking specifically to talk to an official at your company about product releases, company news, or new trends.

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    Press Page Generator Hopes to Solve Startups' Media Problems

    Totem is a press pages generator. Basically, it displays company accomplishments and social facets in one place, cutting out rigorous searches for PR information.

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    Expensify - About - Press

    One of my favorite examples of a press page. Simple and to the point

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    Apple's press page

    The press page of Probably one of the better examples you'll find. You may not need something to this extent since apple is probably a bigger company than you :-)

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    Code School - press kit

    A really nice example of how a press page would look from an awesome website (we use it almost daily). Includes a short company bio, logos, explanation of how the company started and contact info.

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