Cross Curricular "Leaping Into Learning" Lessons

These "Leap Into Leaning" frog lesson plans are fun, engaging ways to teach science, math, and reading to elementary school students. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions! :)

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    Poison Dart Frog Facts and Pictures -- National Geographic Kids

    This resource includes fun frog facts, colorful frog photograph, video,&nbsp;and maps. it&nbsp;can be used for a variety of activities:<br><ul><li>Connect to language arts by having students partner read the frog facts.&nbsp;</li><li>Ask students to examine the frog pictures and say what they notice about each frog. Why do they think certain frogs are so colorful?</li><li>Watch the video on how mother frogs care for their tadpoles. This can lead to a great "compare and contrast" activity on how various animals care for their young.&nbsp;</li></ul>

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    Frog Life Cycle Art Activity

    How adorable is this frog life cycle booklet? One side of the frog is the egg; the center folds out to reveal the life cycle stages; the end result is the adult frog! All of the printouts are available on the blog, providing you with a simple, educational art activity to connect to frogs.&nbsp;&nbsp;I can't wait to try this out in my own classroom!&nbsp;

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    All About Frogs Lesson Plan |

    This highly informative book with vivid illustrations provides children with a wealth of information about all types of frogs and toads, how they develop, and how and where they survive. This is a great expository text to enhance vocabulary, reading, and science.&nbsp;

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    Frog and Toad Are Friends

    No frog unit would be complete without mentioning this classic children's tale. It is an endearing, award-winning&nbsp;tale filled with friendship, humour, and adventure. Older readers could take turns reading aloud and discussing questions. For younger students (PreK-2 grade), this would be the prefect book for read aloud to the whole class to unwind at the end of the day.&nbsp;

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    Classroom Creativity: Leap Into Math!

    This is a an&nbsp;activity I designed (though I'm sure it's been used before!) during pre-student teaching&nbsp;for my first grade frog unit for math. It was early in the year, and the students were learning how to solve the number line to solve addition and subtraction problems. To connect to our frog unit,&nbsp;I created a lily pad number line out of poster board and pre-cut numbers. Students had a blast coming up to use the number line to "jump forward" to add and to "jump back" to subtract!

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