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    Crowdfunding Platform, Fundraising Software, Crowdfunding Script - Agriya

    Establish any kind of lending, equity, pledge and/or donation crowdfunding platform with Agriya's fundraising software - "Crowdfunding"

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    Launch an equity-based crowdfunding website for music, film, and entertainment

    Film making, TV production, music and other sorts of arts are not only time-consuming but also involve so much of cost in their making. In fact, so much of money changes hands in order to create a project. There are instances where projects were delayed due to fund crunch in the hour of need.

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    10 benefits of donating money to charity

    Helping others always give you a feel of satisfaction that we are in the position to help others. Isn't true that we do feel that we are thankful to be on the giving side. If you feel like that, then start donating for the good things to happen and bad things to disappear or stop.

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    Agriya happily announces its Super Cool Christmas and new year Gift

    Agriya is pleased to wish you all an energetic and Joyful Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 before ahead. The spirit of peace and joy is the Christmas

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    How to launch an effective Peer-to-Peer renting platform?

    These days, peer-to-peer renting platform is gaining more significance in the online world. This platform is emerging in dozens of global markets and its sharing economy seems to be in its own Cambrian explosion of diversity.

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    How to launch real estate Crowdfunding website

    As we all known that, Crowdfunding achieves extreme popularity on a global market. Now, it has changed the path in which people can also earn money by investing in a property. The concept of Crowdfunding is applied to real estate investment.

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    The pros and cons of peer-to-peer lending business

    Peer-to-peer lending is reaching the heights in the business environment, as it is a ready source of financing for the needed entrepreneurs and for the investors who wish to invest in the flexible environment. With this excellent business model, here we go with the exclusive beneficial aspects and some drawback prevailing in the peer-to-peer lending business right away.

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