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Here we are providing different elone scripts and crowdfunding softwares,etc,.

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    Agriya's Crowdfunding Platform for all Fundraising Models

    Establish any kind of lending, equity, pledge and/or donation crowdfunding platform with Agriya's fundraising software.

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    How to launch a successful donation based crowdfunding website

    Crowdfunding as a concept has seen a tremendous growth in recent years. In the presumption that you know what it is all about, no mention of its definition is being made. On that note, let us analyze what is donation based crowdfunding, its prospects and how to launch a successful donation based crowdfunding website.

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    What is Peer to Peer lending?

    The peer to peer lending is process of borrowing and lending between individuals and avoids necessity of borrowing money from the bank. This software offers simple way for entrepreneurs to create successful Crowd-funding websites within short-time and helps you to earn money or raise funds online quickly.

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    What is crowdfunding and what are its different types?

    Having a great idea needs a support for it to taste success. And if it is a business idea, one needs capital which can be borrowed from banks, family or friends. But in this digitally savvy world, people can also raise money using a website as a medium.

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    How to launch real estate Crowdfunding website

    As we all known that, Crowdfunding achieves extreme popularity on a global market. Now, it has changed the path in which people can also earn money by investing in a property. The concept of Crowdfunding is applied to real estate investment.

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    Build your own Equity crowdfunding website

    As equity crowdfunding is gaining more and more acceptance in the financial sector, demand for more equity crowdfunding websites, which are avenues for alternative sources of funding, is also growing monumentally. Existing platforms are nowhere meeting the niche requirements of the potential investors and fundraisers.

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    crowdfunding platform

    Crowdfunding donate is a one stop solution for creating any kind of donation based fundraising platform for any kind of non-profit niches and organizations

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    Agriya Crowdfunding Platform - FAQs

    With the rising business trend of fundraising in the digital world induce Agriya to develop ideal ready-made fundraising solutions for the budding entrepreneurs. That being the case, it facilitates them to give an immediate entry into the crowdsourcing business entity with no special efforts.

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    Donation software, Fundraising script, Crowdfunding platform - Agriya

    Crowdfunding donate is a one stop solution for creating any kind of donation based fundraising platform for any kind of non-profit niches and organisations

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