Customer Interaction: Kill 'em with kindness!

Whether you're working with the customer face-to-face, over the phone or over the computer, the benefits of being nice far outweigh the consequences of being nasty.

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    Tips to Go Above and Beyond With Customer Service

    Working with the public can be discouraging and, at times,&nbsp;downright miserable. When someone pays for a service and doesn't get the treatment they expect, all hell breaks loose. However, there are ways to combat this type of erratic consumer behavior. The age-old adage 'The Customer is Always Right' is a complete crock. The customer is rarely right! What you need to do, as the employee, is make them&nbsp;<i>sound</i> like they're right.&nbsp;<br><br>I've worked in retail, food and service industries my entire life. A lot of times, I've wanted to walk away from a yelling customer or reply with some sarcastic comment. But the thing to do is remain calm, show restraint and kill them with kindness.&nbsp;

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    21 Customer Service Tips for Better Customer Relations

    This resource is awesome because it lays out 21-steps that are both a. simple and b. super effective. I've worked in all facets of employment that require direct customer interaction. Putting a smile on your face -- even when you're screaming on the inside -- will go so far. That way, the customer doesn't have anything on you. You can say that you were the bigger person, even if they weren't.&nbsp;

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    Retail Tip: Customer Service

    I'm really into this video because the first thing it says is that the customer is the most important part of a business -- not you or your employees. The customer is the&nbsp;<i>purpose</i> of why you're running a company or business, and the customer provides the single most important thing you want -- cash flow.&nbsp;<br><br>Making a consumer feel like s/he is inconveniencing you is the quickest way to failing. When you're dealing with someone, you have to make them feel like they are the most important person you've ever dealt with. If they have a good experience -- where you go above and beyond -- they'll not only come back (and keep spending money!) but chances are they'll refer someone else. Because you stuck out in their mind.&nbsp;

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