De-clutter your computer's desktop

Helpful apps that permanently or temporarily clear things like icons, files and folders off your desktop. Stay more productive, stress free, and organized with just a click of a button.

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    Desktop Curtain - A Mac app that hides desktop clutter

    Description Desktop Curtain is a simple tool to hide the clutter on your desktop, and help you focus on the task at hand. It's perfect for teachers, presenters, writers, developers, and anyone else that hates clutter and/or needs to take screenshots with clean background images. It's very simple, but not free - $4.99.

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    Camouflage - a Mac App to hide your desktop icons

    Another simple option to hide desktop icons on your Mac. However, it's not free. It's also probably not the best out of all the solutions.

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    Four Great Ways To Declutter Your Desktop | Mac.AppStorm Article

    "I have something of a confession to make - I'm very particular when it comes to computers. While I can walk around with two week's beard growth or drive in a mud splattered car for most of the summer without a care, my Mac has to be 'just so'." This article is introduces four ways (3 applications and a simple solution) to tidy up your desktop and remove icons either temporarily or permanently.

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    Shade - a free app to temporarily hide desktop icons

    Shade is a simple, free, and lightweight app that allows you to basically "pull a shade" on your desktop. You can temporarily de-clutter your Mac desktop and go back to the original state at any time.

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    Desktop Tidy - Mac App - Probably the best solution to clear your Mac Desktop and organize files

    Does your Desktop end up cluttered with icons, making your Desktop look untidy and difficult to find the files you really need? The Desktop is a convenient and easily accessed location for saving files, but its difficult to prevent clutter building up. This is where Desktop Tidy comes in.

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