Developing Creative Tactics

While I was in the IMC program at St. Bonaventure, the one thing that was stressed throughout the two years was to let your creative side flourish. Unlike accounting or finance, this field allows us to do interact with a demographic in a different, unique ways. But you can't just come up with some idea that is unrealistic and unattainable (would having a petting zoo with lions and tigers be cool? Yes! But, probably won't be happening). So not only do your tactics have to be realistic, they have to strategically reach your demographic.

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    Coupons, publicity stunts and contests

    Big ups to Pam Lawhorne for these three super effective tips. Publicity stunts, contests and coupons are ways for you to both drive business in and incorporate some creativity and fun.&nbsp;<br><br>Most of the time, companies think too far inside the box. They believe that changing the status quo will drive people away; that not taking a chance is the safest way to do business. But customers love different! They love creative. Doing something that will make your business stick out -- in a positive light, obviously -- will keep people coming back.&nbsp;

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    The New Rules of Event Marketing

    Christine Lagorio (<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="">@Lagorio</a>)&nbsp;&nbsp;lays it out over at Inc. about how traditional media and marketing should be tossed out the window. She asks people in the industry what their opinions are about smart new ways to market and interact with people.&nbsp;<br><br>There are eight different recommendations and each one&nbsp;is unique, distinct and make a whole lot of sense.&nbsp;

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    Don't Confuse Online Tactics With Marketing Strategies

    Although this piece is pretty short, it gets right to the point and comes back to what I was saying in my opener -- crazy tactics might be cool and get attention, but you have to make sure you balance between cool and effective. Tactical executions are&nbsp;<i>tactical</i> for a reason. You have to incorporate some sort of strategy to your campaign to make sure you're hitting all of the necessary demographics effectively.&nbsp;&nbsp;

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    50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using - Creative Guerrilla Marketing

    Guerilla marketing: fun, effective and lets your creativity run wild. For instance, my family's business -- The Boardroom Snowboard Shop -- created knife-shaped stickers that said "Spread the Love." (It also had The Boardroom, Ellicottville, NY). Most times, funny things like that will get people's attention more so than a gigantic billboard on the side of an expressway. &nbsp;

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    3 Criminally Underutilized Visual Marketing Tactics (Case Studies)

    Notice the primary word in the headline: Visual! Having well-written copy is always paramount, but you cannot rely on your consumer to read 1,000 words on how great your product is. Creating large visuals that grab the attention of the people visiting your site can turn make or break it.&nbsp;

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