Different Media Types You Can Share on Helpified

With Helpified, you can literally add or upload any type of resource. Just to help you explore your options a little, here are some examples of media types you can add and share.

  1. YouTube or any other major video players

    Attached here is the original intro video to Helpified. Check it out while you're going through here :-) Other video players that can be ...

  2. Inspirational pictures

    You can save links from Instagram, Dribbble, Flickr, Imgur, TwitPic, yFrog(photo cred: Hannaford)

  3. Slides and Presentations

    Need to add a presentation to your toolset? No problem. You have a few options here. As you can see, we've added a presentation from Slid...

  4. Word documents (or any type of doc file)

    Through our file uploader, you can upload any file that you'd like to display to the world. This could take the form of any image file, o...

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  5. Amazon books

    Have a good read that you want to share with your following, or reference later? Copy and paste any Amazon, or other related link where t...

  6. iTunes apps

    Any app link can be added to a Helpified toolset. Simply copy and paste the link to the itunes store or wherever else your followers can ...

  7. Podcasts

    Audio links can be added to toolsets, as well. Allow your toolset readers to find interesting podcasts or audio files that you're enjoying.

  8. Add your own text resource

    Text resources play the same role as a normal blog post. Write as much or as little as you'd like. This type of resource is great for any...

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  9. A public, collaborative google doc

    If you're trying to organize your Google docs, or there's a reason to curate it along with other resources from the web or that you've up...

  10. Show a map or specific location

    This is a link to a Google Map. If you want to add a location or area to your toolset, simply paste the link like you would with a typica...

  11. Scribd.com Documents and Ebokoks

    Display and suggestion ebooks from scribd to your followers.

  12. Collaborative Google Spreadsheets

    You can add any Google spreadsheet file by making the link public and adding it just like a typical link to your toolset.

  13. Interactive Prezi Presentations

    Prezi is a great way to add a fun twist to an explanation or presentation. Add the public link to your prezi to display it in a toolset.

  14. Add a Google Form to get responses and feedback

    You can add any form you create through Google Forms by pasting in the public link. You can use it for anything such as opt-in's, getting...

  15. TED Talks

    Add any full TED talk to a toolset. This particularly TED talks is from one of our favorites, Tim Ferriss. It's entitled; "Smash fear, le...

  16. Link to a specific part of a YouTube Video

    It's really helpful to be able to skip to a particular part of a YouTube video without watching the entire thing. You can simply do this ...

  17. Wikipedia articles

    Bring full articles from Wikipedia directly into a toolset to further explain or emphasize any term

  18. KickStarter Campaigns

    Add any Kickstarter campaign simply by pasting the link to it. If you're supporting a campaign, give it a better shot to be funded by gat...

  19. Live Ustream Channels

    View live Ustream Channels directly from a toolset. Paste the link to the channel, and allow your toolset followers to enjoy whatever is ...

  20. Quizlet quizzes

    Display quizzes for your students, friends or for yourself to prep for a test. This current quizlet is vocabulary words for AP Calculus.

  21. Instruct by uploading screenshots

    Many toolsets on Helpified are used to give step-by-step instructions or to further explain a topic. Screenshots come in handy to show ex...

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  22. Fiverr gigs and providers

    Add your favorite Fiverr.com freelancer to your toolset to show exactly who helped you with a given project. You can do the same for othe...

  23. IFTTT recipes

    IFTTT stands for "if this then that", and is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement. You can creat...

  24. Huffington Post Articles

    You can add any blog article or full page to Helpified. Simply add the link to a toolset, or utilize the bookmarklet!

  25. Grooveshark Playlists

    Add public playlists or ones that you've created! You can also utilize Spotify the same way.

  26. PollEverywhere Text Messaging Polls

    Display lives polls from a toolset by adding the link to your poll.

  27. Meetup Groups

    Display and promote your Meetup group by adding it to a toolset.

  28. Khan Academy Lessons

    Organize learning material for your students by accessing the thousands of educational videos from Khan Academy

  29. Use Skitch to add and annotate screenshots

    If you don't have a Mac or just want to take a more elegant-looking screenshot, Skitch from Evernote is your answer. Download the free ap...

  30. Twitter profiles (and any other social media profile)

    Display your favorite tweets and Twitter profiles in your toolsets.

  31. Use Skitch to add and annotate screenshots

    If you don't have a Mac, or just prefer using something a little more robust to grab screenshots, Skitch from Evernote is your answer. Si...

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