Dot Coms that No Longer Exist

At the height of the dot-com bubble the coolest thing to do was to produce a SUPER BOWL ad!!! When the bubble finally burst most of these companies disappeared. Here is a collection of Super Bowl commercials for the dot-coms that no longer exist.

  1. video Completed

    Would people use the internet to order dog food?  APPARENTLY NOT. is one of the most famous of the "busted" dot coms.  This is from a promotion tape sent out by's PR agency. Includes footage of the balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. This is before the sock puppet fell on hard times and had to shill for a loan company.

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  2. video Completed 2000

    Really smart ad guy: "Let's put a commercial for a wedding planning website on the SUPER BOWL." Even smarter ad guy: "Here is a lot of money. Do it!"

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  3. video Completed's idea was simple--if you put a commercial email link in the emails you send to your friends and they click it, you get some bucks! Unfortunately most people did not like it. Here is their 2000 Super Bowl Ad.

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  4. video Completed

    I'm not quite sure what this company did. Something about sending specialized emails. They are most famous for this Super Bowl commercials which proclaims that it is "the worst commerical on the Super Bowl." Most critics agreed. Worst Super Bowl commercial of all time.

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    First rule in making a super expensive Super Bowl ad: "Make certain that people can understand what you do." was a financial management website. This is their 2000 Super Bowl ad.

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    What was the Dot-com Bubble?

    Starting in 1997 a lot of companies were formed to take advantage of that "really cool, new internet thing." Investors put a LOT of money into these ventures. People did not know exactly what the internet was good for so folks created a lot of business ideas--a lot just plain wacky. Around 2000 the bubble burst.  During its heyday a lot of these companies had a lot of money.  They loved to make Super Bowl commercials.

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