Eastman Kodak

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    Kodak: From Blue Chip to Bankrupt

    This is the story of Eastman Kodak's fall, its bankruptcy and how Rochester, N.Y., avoided Detroit's fate.

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    Dividend stocks have become popular partially due to the fact that they are viewed as safe investments. Unfortunately in investing, there is always some risk involved. Although many investors have been very successful with dividend stocks, others have lost money when share prices drop or dividends are cut.

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    An Investment Case Study of Eastman Kodak: How the Bankruptcy of One of America's Oldest Blue Chip Stocks Would Have Turned Out for Long-Term Investors

    One year ago, Kodak declared bankruptcy after more than 130 years in business as a leading blue chip firm that gushed profits for its owners. I wrote Kodak's demise at the time. In the final decade, those profits disappeared and the inevitable spiral into wipeout occurred.

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    The Demise of Kodak: Five Reasons

    Kodak's declaration of bankruptcy earlier this month closed a glorious chapter in the history of photography. With the introduction of the first automatic snapshot camera more than 110 years ago, Kodak transformed photography from an alchemy-like activity dominated by professionals into a hugely popular-even obligatory-one that became an integral part of people's lives.

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    CEO Jeff Clarke Talks About the Future of Kodak on WhatTheyThink

    Published on October 29, 2014 Jeff Clarke, CEO of Kodak, talks to Cary Sherburne about how he came from a Silicon Valley background to take the job at Kodak and what he's been focused on in these first seven months.

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