Easy, Breezy Bulletin Boards for All Seasons!

Why is your classroom's bulletin board so important? Much like the clothing you wear, the bulletin board is often a visitor's first impression. It can create a welcoming atmosphere, display student work, and affirm your classroom's values. For most elementary ed classrooms, a easy way to theme your boards is by season. Take a look at some of these ideas; all of these boards are both aesthetic and educational!

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    Fall: Rake in a Good Read

    I'm a sucker for anything that promotes reading, and this board is no exception! It celebrates one of fall's biggest seasonal changes (falling leaves) while piquing students' interest in literature. You can choose the featured books in a few different ways:<br><ol><li>Books that your class is going to read this year.</li><li>Your student's favorite books.</li><li>Books you have available in your classroom library.</li><li>Books your students have read on their own (young students would love to be able to add their book to the board!)</li></ol>

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    Winter: Hot Chocolate

    I am in love with this board! Much like the fall bulletin board, it provides an engaging, motivating tool to encourage reading. This is also a fabulous idea because it is not holiday-specific, creating an inclusive culture in your classroom AND allowing you to leave this board up all winter long :)

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    Spring: It's Raining Math!

    I know, I know...this is technically a door display, but woudn't this make a great bulletin board?&nbsp;How cute are these spring umbrella glyphs from Jaime at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers?! By using the gylphs, this teach incorporated some basic math and got to know her students better. Teachers Pay Teachers have some great glyphs available, or you can make your own based on your class' interests and goals.&nbsp;

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    Summer: Count the Days Away

    Interactive bulletin boards are a great way to keep students engaged. As you finish up your major units, projects, and readings, it can be tricky to find a board that will meet your class's needs. This "pick a petal" board is a great filler for those last weeks! It can be&nbsp;easily&nbsp;incorporated into your class' morning routine, and will keep the kiddos interested as you stave off cabin fever.&nbsp;

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