Easy, Engaging Ice Breakers for Students

Creating a sense of community is your classroom is essential. Yet, it can often be tricky to bond students who come from a wide variety of background, interests, and experiences. These ice breakers provide fun, simple ways to get children to know each. They're also great activities for when your lesson is running short and you need a "filler" activity. Take a look and see what ice breakers might work for your classroom!

  1. Two Truths & A Lie

    Two Truths & A Lie started out as an ice-breaker or a party game. The rules are simple. You say three things about yourself: two are ...

  2. Celebrity ID Game

    Summary: An icebreaker where each person has a label with a famous celebrity or character name on their back. Everyone mingles, asking "y...

  3. M&M Ice Breaker

    Snacks can be a great motivator! If you'd like to be more health conscious, swap colored candy for multicolored goldfish crackers. Ask st...

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