Economics and Finance (New MBA Core course)

There will be 15 paths for this course. Some on Economics and some on Finance. I think you will enjoy the course! :)

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    Welcome to Economics - Chapter 1, Mankiw 7e

    In the 7th edition of Greg Mankiw's Principles text he introduces students to the chapter they are about to study. This added context is just one feature of the best selling text and most advanced digital learning environment in all of undergraduate economics.

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    What is Economics?--By Todd Palmer of St. Bonaventure University

    A brief definition and description of economics.

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    What Is Economics?

    Economics is the study of how people choose to use resources. Resources include the time and talent people have available, the land, buildings, equipment, and other tools on hand, and the knowledge of how to combine them to create useful products and services.

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    What is Economics? The typical first-year student walks into his first economics class with very little idea of what economics is. He might have heard something like, "economics is the study of money", or "economics is another word for accounting", or "economics is hard, don't take that class", but none of those are true.

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    What is Economics?

    Defining economics in plain terms.

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    The Difference Between Micro and Macro Economics

    "The difference between micro and macro economics is simple. Microeconomics is the study of economics at an individual, group or company level. Macroeconomics, on the other hand, is the study of a national economy as a whole"

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