Effective Brand Communication

Whether you're the PR representative for a major corporation or just promoting your own blog, effective brand communication is paramount if you want to gain a large audience. There are multiple reasons why this is such an important topic; for starters, your audience is your most important asset. Maintaining a clear, consistent message throughout your copy will keep your audience coming back. This toolset will span resources that show why effectively communicating your brand is so important.

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    Effectively Communicating Your Message to Your Target Market

    <b>First impressions&nbsp;</b>are critical to any brand. Most times, the first impression will decide whether someone comes back to you on a consistent basis.&nbsp;<br><br><b>Leading with the benefits of your brand, not who you are&nbsp;</b>in your copy instantly gives your audience the reason they visited. Sure, people care about who you are and what you're about. But what really grabs their attention is showing them&nbsp;<i>how you can benefit them.&nbsp;<br></i><br><b>Strong Content!&nbsp;</b>Very few times will an audience come back to a site where they left halfway through the first post. Give them something to love, keep them hungry for more and captivate them right from the get-go.&nbsp;<br>

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    Miami Marlins and effective brand communication | marketing of a different color

    <b>Do you guys remember the Ozzie Guillen debacle&nbsp;</b>from a couple seasons ago? Guillen, the then-manager of the Miami Marlins, made some very explosive pro-Fidel Castro comments that really upset the&nbsp;<b>largest Latin-American population in the entire country.&nbsp;<br></b><br><b></b>This resource uses Guillen as an example. If you're going to write a blog post or press release, make sure&nbsp;<b>you know your area of expertise.&nbsp;</b>Spouting off about something you know very little about will only land you in hot water (or, any journalist's nightmare -- losing credibility).&nbsp;<br><br><b>Take your audience into account and think before you speak</b> -- again, this ties back to the whole hot-water/credibility thing. You don't want your first blog post to be your last.&nbsp;<br>

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    Why a Brand and Communications Strategy matters

    This resource dives into the critical issues of&nbsp;<b>keeping your content fresh and maintaining a consistent message.&nbsp;</b>Staying complacent and stale won't bring any new visitors in and will drive current visitors away. You don't want that happening. <br><br>Maintaining a consistent message throughout your posts or brand keeps it at an&nbsp;even keel, and fresh content keeps your audience hungry. Don't delve into things that aren't a part of your brand message --&nbsp;<b>let your brand be the focal point.&nbsp;</b>

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    Good branding = good communications

    Targeting a particular segment of the market you want to write about is important, but what's more so is&nbsp;<b>understanding the perspective of your audience.&nbsp;</b>You might be writing for yourself, but these are the people who are helping you grow your brand. Write for them.&nbsp;<br><br>A very influential Jandoli School professor at Bonas&nbsp;once (or a couple dozen times) to&nbsp;<b>omit needless words.&nbsp;</b>This rings true for anyone communicating a brand. Don't clutter your copy with things that don't need to be there.&nbsp;<b>Get to the point.&nbsp;</b>

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    Visual Communication: Creating an Effective Brand Identity.

    This resource is a little different than the others because it focuses on the&nbsp;<b>importance of the visual.&nbsp;</b>Our brains process visual images much, much faster than written words, so developing a strong symbol or logo for your brand will make it that much better.&nbsp;<br><br>Look at Apple or Nike. These are extreme examples, but those logos are instantly recognizable and&nbsp;<b>have a deeper connection with people than the written word</b>. They see these symbols and instantly feel something. Don't underestimate the power of a strong visual.&nbsp;

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