Enter Bill Continued 2

This toolset is the last continuation of how to enter a bill on QuickBooks Online.

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    Screenshot 2/18/13 2:44 PM

    Next it will give you the opportunity to rename the account you've created to your preference. It will also allow you to input a description of the account. This is optional. Click Finish to continue entering the bill.

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    Screenshot 2/18/13 2:45 PM

    The last part of the bill to enter is the description of the product/service you are being billed for. Once you have finished input all the necessary information, click Save.

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    Screenshot 2/18/13 2:43 PM

    Once you've indicated what type of account you'd like to set up (in this case I should an expense account), another window will asking what type of expense you'd like to create. Choose your preference to the type of account you chose and then click Next.

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